Purpose and Objectives

The Brief Therapy Conference: Treating Anxiety, Depression and Trauma is an opportunity for leaders in the field to present and interact, by discussing their individual approaches, and the progress of psychotherapy in general. Presenting at this conference are experts—each of whom has made seminal contributions to the field of psychotherapy. The Brief Therapy Conference 2014 is the tenth comprehensive gathering of master practitioners from major contemporary disciplines.

Attendees will increase their clinical effectiveness by:

  1. Applying methods of brief therapy techniques in specific situations encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work and counseling.
  2. Comparing basic principles and techniques of contemporary schools of brief therapy.
  3. Utilizing multi-level therapeutic communication, and demonstrating brief therapy principles of diagnosis, thereby improving observational skills.

*If you have questions regarding learning objectives for individual CE activities at the Brief Therapy Conference, please call 602-956-6196 or email support@erickson-foundation.org. The syllabus containing this information will be posted on the website in November, and hard copies will be available on site for registered attendees.