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Attendees may prefer to download/save the handout files to their personal devices (laptop, tablet, phone, etc) prior to the conference and view them electronically during sessions. There will not be internet access in the meeting rooms.

CD06- Ray-MHEBT2016154.5 KiB192
D02- Ray & O'Hanlon- The Interactional Approach127.6 KiB201
FH- Geary- Ericksonian Assessment51.5 KiB320
FH- Geary- Fundamental Outline15.5 KiB218
FH- Geary- Values In Erickson Hypnosis44.5 KiB205
K01-Gottmans- Brief Therapy Dec 20169.1 MiB480
LE- Frankel- What Goes Around . ..11.8 MiB301
Rossi - 0 Optimizing Human Condition Psychosocial Genomics1.1 MiB205
Rossi - A Quantum Field Theory Of Life And Consciousness 2015 Keynote2.1 MiB272
Rossi- 2 IJNPT Vol4 Issue1p47-683.3 MiB167
Rossi- FreeBook3.4 MiB328
Rossi- MBT-T Group-Protocol80.2 KiB175
Rossi- RICHARD HILL 2016 TNPTVol4Issue4pp10-131.1 MiB153
Rossi- ROSSI & ROSSI 20141.1 MiB178
Rossi- ROSSI & ROSSI 2016 TNPTVol4Issue4pp14-293.6 MiB196
Rossi- Well Wishes From Kathryn Rossi, Ph D.458.9 KiB152
SC04- Keyes- Pain Talk - Handout566.2 KiB286
SC04- Keyes- What You Can Do Pain Booklet 2016Revision315.6 KiB226
SC07- Mitchell- PP Res Erickson634.0 KiB182
SC08- Peacock24.4 MiB162
SC09- Susan Pinco- Quantum Creativity1.3 MiB175
SC10- Walsh- Goldfinger Complete Copy466.2 KiB172
SC10- Walsh- Utilization Sobriety 20164.2 MiB180
SC11- Adrienne- Chartres Labyrinth492.9 KiB65
SC11- Adrienne- FANTASTIC VOYAGE139.2 KiB78
SC11- Adrienne- FlyerTWO DAY TRAINING131.4 KiB66
SC11- Adrienne- LABYRINTH Article1.0 MiB56
SC11- Adrienne- Labyrinth Trance Script73.3 KiB89
SC11- Adrienne- Research On Effects Of Labyrinth Walking12.0 KiB63
SC11- Adrienne-The Health And Spiritual Benefits Of Walking The Labyrinth-123.4 KiB60
SC11- Adrienne-TURN A RED LIGHT TO GREEN82.9 KiB84
SC16- Hung- Brief Therapy Conference PDF2.3 MiB191
SC17- McNeilly70.1 KiB182
SC18- Goldfus-Hypnosis Handouts1.9 MiB90
SC20- Wubbolding- Cycle Flier Back34.9 KiB157
SC20- Wubbolding- Cycle Flier Front 17136.1 KiB133
SC20- Wubbolding- Simple Chart Feb 2010412.1 KiB132
SC21- Zeine- A I Model - Brief Therapy Conference 2016 For Print14.5 MiB214
SC22- Abi Hashem- List Of References & Bibiography139.8 KiB138
SC22- Abi Hashem- On Cultural Resiliency2.2 MiB181
SC23- Bertolino-Renaissance In Brief Therapy4.7 MiB224
SC26- Joe Dowling- Handouts Brief Therapy 2016678.8 KiB185
SC27- Gregory- Erickson Brief Therapy Conference Handouts42.6 KiB157
SC28- Hayes12.1 KiB192
SC28- Hayes- Pwmap66.7 KiB180
SC28- Hayes- SD30.6 KiB173
SC29- Koeck- Hypnotic Scaling1.4 MiB194
SC31- Schwarz- EP As A Brief Therapy2.7 MiB171
SC36- Freedson- Brief Tx 20164.8 MiB215
SC36- Freedson- The SOLVE Schema129.4 KiB176
SC37- Rini- Blind Spot12.0 KiB151
SC37- Rini- Poems23.7 KiB143
SC37- Rini- The NEURO-PERSONAL WEB358.2 KiB234
SC38- Joffe Ellis- Rational Humorous Songs12.1 KiB205
SC38- Joffe Ellis- REBT SELF HELP SHEET25.6 KiB170
SC40- Peltz-The 4 Quadrant Model3.0 MiB201
SC42- Warshow BTC173.4 KiB124
TP04- Ray- Anxiety - Communication View81.7 KiB144
TP05- Ray131.5 KiB132
WS01- Andreas- Wholeness160.3 KiB213
WS02- Gilligan- Pos Connections6.8 MiB213
WS03 - SIT & Tools of intention 20161.0 MiB114
WS06- Norcross- Slides1.1 MiB194
WS07- Padesky-HANDOUTS-MoodSpecificSkills4.3 MiB431
WS10-Wilson-Mastering The Anxiety Game-6-per-page B&W699.0 KiB197
WS10-Wilson-Mastering The Anxiety Game-full Page-COLOR722.6 KiB156
WS12- Frankel- Separating Fact From Fiction An Empirical.2387.7 KiB205
WS13- Gilligan-Transform Neg Exp7.2 MiB232
WS14- Lankton- To Experience Change You Have To Change Experience1.0 MiB181
WS16- Norcross- Handouts1.9 MiB209
WS17- Padesky- HANDOUTS-Anxiety-FocusCentralFears2.9 MiB259
WS18- Rossi- MBT-T Group Protocol13.1 KiB128
WS18- Rossi- Scale - Lifestyle Hygiene334.5 KiB150
WS18- Rossi- The Safety Of Yoga33.2 KiB172
WS18- Rossi- Yoga Can Change Your Brain43.4 KiB200
WS18- Rossi-Types Of Yoga50.7 KiB169
WS18- Sauer- Eight Limbs Of Yoga31.0 KiB145
WS21-Wilson-Self-Talk-6-PER-PAGE-B&W520.7 KiB199
WS21-Wilson-Self-Talk-full Page-COLOR743.1 KiB166
WS22- Battino- GI Brief Therapy Dec 20169.0 MiB193
WS23- Andreas- MoM134.2 KiB181
WS24- Michael Hoyt-409.2 KiB219
WS25- Lyons-HumorHypnosisHomeworkHandouts Pptx639.9 KiB206
WS26- Rick Miller4.9 MiB130
WS31- Tatkin- Informal Trance Induction In Couple Therapy Partners In Chairs1.3 MiB117
WS32- Yapko- Keys To Depression Workshop Slides34.8 MiB328
WS33- Jeff Zeig- Attunement212.1 KiB233
WS34- Alladin- Accessing And Healing Emotional Injuries In Anxiety Disorders (San Diego, December 2016)683.5 KiB202
WS35- Lyons- AnxietyHandouts Ppt1.0 MiB287
WS41- Tatkin- Informal Trance Induction In Couple Therapy Partners In A Pose862.0 KiB117
WS42- Yapko- Discrimination Workshop HANDOUTS1.0 MiB257
WS43- Zeig- Gesture Exercise Revised35.1 KiB107
WS43- Zeig- The Utilizaton State Of The Therapist ESH 2014799.3 KiB97
WS43- Zeig- Utilization Exercise148.5 KiB96