CD07 – Lovers Pose

08 Dec 2018
14:00 - 15:00
Grand Peninsula A-D

CD07 – Lovers Pose

Location: Grand Peninsula A-D

Difficulty: All levels

Few couple interventions are as elegant and beautiful as the lovers pose. It is like a surgical table for therapists to extract and repair deep, implicit memory issues between partners and, by proxy, original childhood caregivers. Partners are put into a “wireframe” superior/inferior position on a full-length couch (best for comfort). The pose is wireframe in that the therapist can sculpt the exercise almost any they want. Each partner’s position is chosen according to the therapist’s interests and goals. The therapist “casts” each partner into roles appropriate for the therapeutic direction as decided by the therapist. Though the lovers pose is as it sounds, for lovers holding one another, it is also the caregiver-infant pose, the Pietà pose (holding a dead loved one), and inner child pose. The lovers pose represents a staging platform that any therapist can use in almost any way imaginable. This demonstration will also provide instructions for getting into and out of the pose which involves a three-step process.

  1. List at least four different ways to cast partners
  2. Articulate the three steps for getting partners into and out of the exercise
  3. Demonstrate how to get partners to get into the pose