SC06 – Brief Effective Interventions for Chronic Pain

Image of James Keyes
06 Dec 2018
08:30 - 10:00
Sand Pebble A-C

SC06 – Brief Effective Interventions for Chronic Pain

Location: Sand Pebble A-C

As a consultant, psychotherapists tell me “Chronic Pain is such a complex issue; I’m not sure where to start with a patient in my office.” Some Ericksonian presenters have offered approaches touted as “alternative approaches to pain management,” while many patients who present to a therapy practice have not been exposed to more standard mental health approaches. This seminar provides an overview of a) a conceptual framework for the treatment of chronic pain using what are touted as “evidenced based approaches” but integrated in different areas of functioning – creating a multi-system level of intervention; b) would review specific protocols for such interventions as behavioral activation; behavior modification (pacing / reinforcements); sleep hygiene and sleep protocols; simple to more complex relaxation (and self-hypnosis) exercises; use of mindfulness; changing / challenging negative thoughts (expectations); what psychotherapists need to know about medications in chronic pain; review of family systems issues affecting pain; need for review of basic communication strategies; reinforcement of boundaries, limits and self-care; ideas for re-establishing community; etc. Perhaps most important, this presentation would include how therapists can listen for where the patient needs (or wants) to start.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Describe a framework with which to evaluate a patient’s functioning who complains of chronic pain.
  2. Create a brief treatment plan with the patient using evidence based approaches.
  3. Review and practice specific approaches used to assist in brief interventions for chronic pain management.