SC15 – Utilizing Dreamwork in Psychotherapy

Image of Bruce Fordham
06 Dec 2018
10:15 - 11:45
Cypress C

SC15 – Utilizing Dreamwork in Psychotherapy

Location: Cypress C

For years the mystery of dreams and interpretation of them has elicited a wide variety of opinions from providers of care in the Mental Health field. This workshop will provide a basic understanding of how to utilize dreamwork in psychotherapy, thereby providing an excellent alternative for patient care – especially when a patient’s defenses are strong. In addition to real life examples that demonstrate the power of the subconscious and utilizing dream images, other concepts taught will be incubating dream recall, six basic hints for dreamwork (as put forth by Jeremy Taylor), uses and types of dreams, lucid dreaming, and how to effectively help a patient “unpack” a dream. Further topics for discussion will be the language of the conscious vs. the subconscious mind, elements of running a dreamwork group, and drugs and dreams.

Educational Objectives:

  1. List the 6 basic elements of effective dreamwork
  2. Define the differences between the language of the conscious and subconscious minds
  3. Demonstrate how to help a patient “unpack” his or her dream.