SC18 – Utilizing Erickson Core Competencies for Effective Clinical Supervision

06 Dec 2018
13:15 - 14:45
Cypress B

SC18 – Utilizing Erickson Core Competencies for Effective Clinical Supervision

Location: Cypress B

Clinical supervision is an important aspect of developing competent therapists. Within the last year, the Milton Erickson Foundation has developed Core Competencies for Ericksonian Therapy. Supervisors who work with Ericksonian therapists-in-training must have ways to assess and install these competencies within those trainees seeking to become competent Ericksonian therapists. Just like the AAMFT has developed core competencies for MFTs in training, the Ericksonian competencies serve as a more focused guide for Ericksonian work. This workshop will first introduce the competencies which were published in 2017 and then discuss the assessment of these competencies within therapists-in-training. This will be followed by the main portion of the presentation which relates to instilling these competencies within trainees, with an emphasis upon utilizing the areas of strength as a way of building those competencies which are lacking. The co-presenters will offer numerous examples from their work in supervision in how supervisors might come alongside their trainees to help them develop their abilities to work as therapists. The presenters will also offer examples from Erickson’s work.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Discuss the structure for assessing Ericksonian Core Competencies in therapist-in-training.
  2. Identify the structure for helping to instill and strengthen the core competencies within Ericksonian therapists-in-training.
  3. Discuss how to utilize what supervisees bring to sessions in helping them create positive changes.