SC20 – Treating Anxiety in a Cup of Tea

06 Dec 2018
13:15 - 14:45
Sand Pebble A-C

SC20 – Treating Anxiety in a Cup of Tea

Location: Sand Pebble A-C

Alchemy is about transformation process (Linear). Taoism is about going with flow (Circular). Ericksonian is about utilization and experiential therapy (Infinite Possibilities). This experiential workshop will utilize the best of eastern and western philosophical concepts to treat anxiety effective and efficiently. In this workshop we will learn how your conscious mind (upstairs) and your unconscious mind (downstairs) can be activated at the same time and provide the ever-changing solution for treating anxiety within a cup of tea time. You will:
1. Experiencing an Ericksonian Tai-Chi trance.
2. Understanding Alchemy, Taoism, and Ericksonian in both conscious and unconscious levels.
3. Developing your unique Way (Tao) to treat anxiety.
4. Learning exercises that help you to be “in the therapist’s zone” and transform anxiety energy into golden insight.

Conscious mind (upstairs) is 100% focus and concentrated and unconscious mind (downstairs) is 100% relaxed and go with flow. Allowing these two states exist at the same time, and we can create evolving solution to treat anxiety in no time.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate and create a Tao state that can be creative and beneficial to therapy sessions.
  2. Integrate and utilize concepts of Alchemy, Taoism, and Ericksonian to treat anxiety.
  3. Describe 2 therapeutic techniques that are developed through Taoism and Ericksonian.