TI10 – Feedback Informed Treatment: Improving Outcomes One Person at a Time

08 Dec 2018
15:15 - 16:15
Cypress B

TI10 – Feedback Informed Treatment: Improving Outcomes One Person at a Time

Location: Cypress B

Difficulty: All Levels

Available evidence indicates that the effectiveness of psychotherapy has not improved despite 100 years of theorizing and research. What would help? Not learning a new model of therapy or the “latest” so-called “evidence-based” treatment approach. A simple, valid, and reliable alternative exists for maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment based on using ongoing feedback to empirically tailor services to the individual client needs and characteristics. Research from multiple randomized clinical trials documents that this simple, transtheoretical approach as much as doubles the effectiveness of treatment while simultaneously reducing costs, drop-out rates and deterioration. At this “Topical Interaction,” participants will have a chance to address any practical issues, questions or challenges associated with incorporating outcome and alliance measures into their practice.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate learning of a reliable, valid, and systematic method for assessing progress in therapy.
  2. Discuss a reliable, valid and systematic method for assessing the quality of the therapeutic relationship.
  3. Describe how to use the scores from valid and reliable measures of progress and the relationship to tailor services to fit the individual client.