TI15 – Working with Beliefs in Brief Therapy

Photo of Robert Dilts
08 Dec 2018
16:30 - 17:30
Cypress A

TI15 – Working with Beliefs in Brief Therapy

Location: Cypress A

Difficulty: All Levels

Our beliefs are a very powerful force upon our behavior. It is common knowledge that if someone really believes he can do something he will do it, and if he believes something is impossible no amount of effort will convince him that it can be accomplished. Times of change and crisis bring out the significance of our beliefs even more strongly. The beliefs and stories (mental models and assumptions) that we and others hold during an unstable or crucial time determine the degree of rescourcefulness with which we will face the situation. Empowering beliefs help us to identify and take best advantage of potential opportunities, while limiting beliefs focus us on danger and can trap us into old survival strategies (i.e., attack, retreat, freeze, etc.). This interaction will explore how to identify and work with the belief issues that arise during brief therapy.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Describe the fundamental structure of beliefs and belief systems.
  2. Present the five main areas of belief issues that occur in brief therapy.
  3. Explain how beliefs may be identified and addressed during a brief therapy session.