WS01 – CBT for Personality Disorders

07 Dec 2018
08:30 - 10:30
Grand Peninsula A-D

WS01 – CBT for Personality Disorders

Location: Grand Peninsula A-D

Difficulty: Intermediate

This intermediate workshop deals with the challenges of treating clients with personality disorders, clients who, for example, fail to engage in treatment, miss sessions, feel hopeless and stuck, become angry in session, engage in self-harm, use substances, blame others, avoid homework, experience continual crises, and so on. The workshop will focus on conceptualization, the therapeutic alliance, treatment planning, and the use of a variety of strategies from many different psychotherapeutic modalities within the context of the cognitive model to help clients change their thinking at both an intellectual and an emotional level to bring about enduring changes in cognition, mood, behavior, and general functioning.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Use a cognitive conceptualization to guide treatment for personality disorder patients.
  2. Conceptualize therapeutic relationship problems.
  3. Apply specialized strategies to overcome challenges in treatment.