WS14 – Applying Principles of Generative Coaching to Brief Therapy

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07 Dec 2018
10:45 - 12:45
Cypress A

WS14 – Applying Principles of Generative Coaching to Brief Therapy

Difficulty: Cypress A

Difficulty: All Levels

The core focus in Generative Coaching is creativity: How do you create a successful and meaningful work life? How do you create great personal relationships? How do you develop a great relationship with yourself—your body, your past, your future, your wounds, and your gifts?
Generative change means creating something beyond what currently exists, whether in personal or professional life. It is not merely a cosmetic change, but a contextual shift that allows new levels of performance. Generative Coaching assumes that reality is constructed, and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes. To do this, a person’s state of consciousness is the difference that makes the difference. Generative Coaching focuses on how to build the generative states needed to produce change and on how to maintain these states in order transform the obstacles and barriers that will inevitably arise.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Describe the basic principles of generative change.
  2. Present the six steps of generative coaching and their relevance to brief therapy.
  3. Demonstrate how establish a generative state and apply it to reach goals and transform obstacles.