Flavio Cannistra’

Flavio Cannistra’


Flavio Cannistra’, MS, PsyD is an Italian licensed psychologist (MS) and a licensed psychotherapist. I’m interested in brief therapy, especially in how to make the most change in a few sessions. To do that, I’ve studied around the world different kind of therapies, looking for common principles.

I’ve a post-degree in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy (PsyD), and a Master in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

In 2016 I went to Palo Alto, California to study Single Session Therapy (SST) at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) with Michael Hoyt, PhD; and then to Melbourne, Australia, also to study SST, at the Bouverie Centre. In April 2018 I will be doing additional studies at BRIEF (Brief Therapy Practice) in London.

I am the founder of the Italian Center for Single Session Therapy. My team and I have been spreading SST all around Italy, doing research and trainings. Last October (2017) I taught a course on SST in Rome, together with Michael Hoyt.

In May 2018 “The Italian Handbook of Single Session Therapy” (co-edited with F. Piccirilli; Giunti publisher) will appear, with a foreword by Michael Hoyt and Moshe Talmon.

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