SC19 – Brief Therapy and Mediation

06 Dec 2018
13:15 - 14:45
Cypress A

SC19 – Brief Therapy and Mediation

Location: Cypress A

During 32 years of mediating, and coordinating and providing training for court connected child custody mediators throughout California, I was constantly on the lookout for what I could do to increase effectiveness and positive outcomes. Though mediation is not therapy, there are therapeutic moments. In psychotherapy, especially with couples or family, there may be mediation moments. Brief mediation can be incorporated as a therapist helps parties address issues, couples in conflict, teens and parents, (e.g. mediating over screen use, cf. Screenagers). This workshop will describe strategies and approaches adapted from brief and solution focused therapy. These resources include: Virginia Satir, NLP, The Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, Narrative therapy, Insoo Kim Berg & brief solution- oriented interview techniques, Milton Erickson & Ericksonian approaches, Gregory Bateson, and others. These enhanced mediation with creative ways to set a tone and reduce anxiety and resistance; to give voice to participants while getting to the heart of the matter; to unlock narrow positions, break through impasses, move to broader viewpoints, and co-create solutions. This workshop may confirm, suggest or inspire additional approaches to add to your skill box.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate how to set a tone at the beginning of mediation/brief psychotherapy.
  2. Illustrate approaches for eliciting movement and flexibility in situations of impasse.
  3. Present approaches for fostering empowerment and mutual recognition in conflicted situations.