WS11 – Blending Hypnosis with Sound to Speed Up the Therapeutic Process

07 Dec 2018
10:45 - 12:45
Cypress C

WS11 – Blending Hypnosis with Sound to Speed Up the Therapeutic Process

Location: Cypress C

Difficulty: All Levels

CYMATICS: Resonance made visible is a vibrational phenomenon. Recent, as well as long ago exploration of Sacred Sound, and the vibrations it produces indicate that there is an ameliorative effect on the listener: “Music soothes the savage beast.”
We have much evidence that certain sounds reduce stress and pain and aid sleep. Now we are finding that certain sounds speed up the healing process…physiologically as well as mentally and emotionally. When added to hypnosis, the effects are exponential.
We will demonstrate various sounds and frequencies and discuss their applications to various health conditions. We will show some graphic visuals of sounds and differences between harmonic sound and distorted sound and how those differences affect us.
We presuppose therefore, that the tonal quality and the vibrations in the words produced by the VOICE of the therapist are a factor in the therapeutic process. Adding specific sounds as background enhances and speeds up the healing we seek in therapy sessions.
Sound, music and frequencies may indeed be part of the medicine of the future.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Describe how you hear and see these therapeutic sounds.
  2. List the differences between the hypnotic states with and without sound enhancement
  3. Distinguish the subtle transformations resulting from exposure to harmonic sound as opposed to discordant sound.